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I wanted to share the current post on my Facebook page that has gotten a huge amount of attention from my friends and family.. Thank you for all you do!

You know you are in a good place when.... Last week, Allison Lee missed the school Costume Parade and Class Halloween Picture due to her asthma/allergies. Today, her teacher Ms. Marie, had her bring her full costume and is taking her on a parade around the other classrooms, just as she would have done last week with the others. While we missed the picture, her teacher is giving Allison Lee the moment she was so sad to have missed and making this mama tear up with warm thoughts. As Allison Lee tells me, and it's true, we're all friends at The Settlement Preschool and Kindergarten! Thank you Ms. Marie!!!!
Privott Sledge Stroman

My twins have been cared for by their grandmother since birth. When they turned 4 we felt that it was time for them to be around other children and learn important social and life skills. After touring the Settlement I knew that this was the place for my twins. Over the last year my boys have flourished under the care and instruction of the teachers and staff at the Settlement. The level of care, instruction and standards of behavior that the Directors/Owners expect from their staff and students align perfectly with my expectations. My boys will be moving over to the Settlement Kindergarten class this August. I am looking forward to watch how much more my twins learn and grow as the teachers at the Settlement and I work together to prepare them for the First Grade. Many thanks for a great year and a special thank you to Ms. Sandy and Ms. Jean.

J. Holland
Having worked at The Settlement while attending college, there was no question as to where my children would attend preschool. The staff is dedicated to their profession. They are hard working and well trained. The classrooms are very structured, while also allowing for the children to be creative and have opportunities for self expression.

I am currently a Montgomery County educator, and I can attest to the fact that children who attend The Settlement come to Kindergarten more than ready. Settlement students are not only academically, but also socially prepared to begin their school careers.

My children have thrived in the loving and nurturing environment The Settlement provides. I will be sad when our preschool years are over, but proud of the fact that my children have a head start by attending a top notch child care center. I highly recommend The Settlement Preschool.

Jenifer Averitt
Kindergarten Teacher
Clarksville Montgomery County School System

I absolutely love The Settlement! I am so thankful a friend had recommended this school to me. It is obvious the teachers and staff truly care about the children under their supervision. My kids have grown to love each of these special people that have become such a huge part of their daily lives.

The staff has created a curriculum that keeps the children busy and happy. My kids love the different learning centers, as well as the extra-curricular activities provided throughout the school year. My daughters love to show off their art projects and share what they have learned in some of their classes. My oldest daughter, who is 4, has learned to spell her name and is so proud of her accomplishment. She loves to practice her new writing skills every chance she gets!
I appreciate the fact that so many of the teachers have been with The Settlement for a number of years. During our hectic mornings, I can always depend on seeing the same friendly people to help me make the transition run smoothly. I think it’s important for my kids to know who will be waiting for them when they arrive at school. It is comforting for me to know who is looking after my children when I can’t be there for them. It has also given me the opportunity to get to know the individuals who are making such an impact on my children’s lives.

I truly believe the teachers and staff of The Settlement have partnered with parents to nurture and care for our kids. In fact, in so many ways, they are helping to raise our kids. I am grateful for all they do and would highly recommend this school to anyone with young children.
Michele Scarbrough

We are writing this letter to express our admiration and appreciation for a couple of your employees, Ms. Maggie and Ms. Esther.

My grandson, Braxton Baggett, has been attending the Settlement for about a year and a half. He started with Ms. Maggie, whom my daughter and I thought the world of. Ms. Maggie always appeared gentle and kind toward the younger children and we felt Braxton transitioned very well from home to the Settlement because of her. We always had the feeling that he was safe and secure in her hands.

When it was time, Brax moved up into Ms. Esther's room. I just can't give enough praise for this wonderful preschool teacher. During his time with Ms. Esther she helped us with two very important childhood milestones: giving up a pacifier and learning to go to the potty. Ms. Esther guided Brax through these transitions with tenderness and care.

Ms. Esther was always cheerful and welcoming toward Braxton and he learned to love going into her class in the morning. She was open and warm toward him which helped my daughter and I feel more comfortable with leaving him in a preschool program away from home. Further, her attitude with us was always friendly; it was a pleasurable experience getting to know her.

Brax is now in Ms. Tammy's class and we have the feeling that he will learn to care for Ms. Tammy the way that he did Ms. Esther.

We wanted to let you know how much we appreciate the professional and kind natures of the employees we have gotten to know so far. Ms. Maggie and Ms. Esther are certainly a positive reflection on your business. We look forward to the same quality of care from your other teachers as Brax moves on up during his time at the Settlement.

Rhonda Markham

Rebecca Baggett
Parent and Nurse
Dear Settlement Staff,
I just wanted to let you all know that I really appreciate what you have done for our family by caring for our Daughter MacKenzie G. Havens. She has grown so much throughout the two years she has been under your care. We are getting MacKenzie ready to start Kindergarten this year in Aug. at Rossview Elementary and during the summer time her sister Chloe will be here visiting for the summer and they will both be going to another sitter while we are in our transition to our new school and house.
My husband and I would like to give our two week's notice for childcare; MacKenzie's last day will be on the 17th of May, 2013. We are so thankful for our teachers who have impacted our daughters life and growth and we want those teachers to know we love them and wish them the best on their journey in this thing we all call life!
A special Thanks to Mrs. Nancy, she has been such an outstanding teacher for Mackenzie and she loves Mrs. Nancy so much. She loves everyone but I believe Mrs. Nancy shares such a place in her heart and we are forever thankful for her! She is one of a kind!
Admin Staff, we would like to thank you all for everything you have done as well and for providing such quality Staff and wonderful people who touch our children's lives' every day! We will highly recommend your facility to anyone we come across.
MacKenzie's 5th Birthday will be on the 15th of May and I will provide Cupcakes for her classmates on this day.
Again we would like to Thank ALL Staff who has helped take care of our daughter throughout the two years she has attended the Settlement.
It is a bittersweet time for our family as she will be attending Kindergarten in August. You all will not be forgotten and we will come by from time to time to visit if that is ok with you all!
Lots of Love,
Aubry and Michael Havens (Mackenzie Havens)
August 2014
Two boys down, and one to go! Our family has been with The Settlement, Inc. since 2006! Before having children, I used to drive by thinking-what a cute school! And now this cute school has been a part of my life for years.  With our youngest enrolled now to begin next week, we look forward to several more years to come! We absolutely love everyone that has been a part of ours and our children's lives. When our oldest, Ethan, began so many years ago, we never imagined that we would still be here for all of these years but once we saw the compassion of the staff ( teachers and office alike ) we couldn't see our children anywhere else. Our middle son, Preston, attended from about 16-18 months and graduated from kindergarten with Ms. Barnes and Ms. Nikki, just a few short months ago!!  We are proud to say that he reads at a 2nd grade level and attribute so much of that to the awesome teachers that he has had. We can not wait to let our little Dylan join this AMAZING group of people.

The Little's- proud Settlement family 
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